Before starting my independent freelance career, I worked as an in-house designer for several major companies in the San Diego area. My 5 years spent at Petco Animal Supplies as a designer and team manager proved to be incredibly rewarding and  invaluable. Learning the ins and outs in a corporate environment taught me the leadership and time management skills needed to succeed in my own business. Working with cute, cuddly animals every day was a bonus, too.
My role:
If you've ever walked into a Petco store, chances were anything you saw printed was my team's responsibility. From day to day projects like sign kits, POP displays, seasonal sign kits and window graphics — you name it, I designed it. I also designed on a larger platform with cross-functional teams to develop brand new store prototypes across the US. I worked tirelessly to design and produce custom fixture displays, larger-than-life 3D signage, and mapped out more floor plans than ever imaginable. 
Fun facts:
I photographed my dog, Elvis, for new wayfinding signage for Unleashed by Petco's new store prototype. You can see him hanging in the Fun & Fashion signage down below.
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